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How is best to prep my hair the night before my wedding?

Around 2 weeks before your wedding day, you’ll start to think about the finer details of the day as it creeps up on you! A question so many of you will think of is ‘When is best I wash my hair for the wedding?’ Or ‘How do I prep my hair the night before the wedding?’ So I’ll pop a little to do list below for you.

I highly recommend you wash your hair the night before rather than the morning of, to save that mega early alarm as I’m sure you’ll be up super early anyway due to excitement and adrenaline. I personally found the night before my wedding a bit like Christmas Eve as a child, that excited butterflies in your belly feeling, looking forward to all the magic about to happen the following day! So washing your hair the night before is a good way to spend some time to help you unwind and relax for the big day ahead.

Step 1- Wet hair fully, then gently lather a 50p size amount of shampoo into your hands before spreading all over your scalp. Now give your scalp a good scrub all over for about 2 mins.

Step 2- Rinse shampoo, and repeat step 1. So you’ll be shampooing twice, this makes sure it not only removes the surface layer of dirt and oils, but removes all product build up and gives a deeper clean.

Step 3- Rinse well to remove all shampoo, gently squeeze out excess water.

Step 4- Using a 50p amount of conditioner, apply to mid lengths and ends ONLY (not the root area) and leave for a couple of minutes.

Step 4- Rinse out conditioner thoroughly, when you think it is all out, rinse a little more just to be sure!

Step 5- Spray on heat protection and blow-dry a smooth as possible without a parting (if you have a fringe, dry this into place). Dry until 100% dry.

Step 6- Tie loosely into a low ponytail using a scrunchie or invisibobble when going to bed.

Dah dahhhh, that is it! Unless I give you any extra instructions at your trial, these steps are the best way to prep your hair for me.

I’ll pop a shopping list below of all the things that will come in handy to prep your hair the night before the wedding.

I also have an affiliate code* for that you are more than welcome to use at anytime to give you extra discounts off of your hair, skin, body and makeup products.


*All products I recommend are ones that I use on myself or on my clients. When you use my affiliate code I receive a small amount of commission.

Katie x

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